IRIDEN SINCE1915 Centennial reliable company

Name of company Iriya Plating Co.Ltd.
Brand name IRIDEN since 1915
Location 1-9-3 Ryusen, Taito-ku, Tokyo  ZIP:110-0012
TEL +81-3-3875-6146
FAX +81-3-3875-6149
Established 1915
Incorporated 1953
Shareholders capital 10million yen
CEO Kenichiro Manabe
Number of employees 15
Business General metal surface treatment and various barrel plating, bake coating and other related business and manufacturing and sales.
Plating types Dahl, Dahl Black (DB), ATS, Nickel, Black nickel, various bronze plating, various Black finishes.
Product types Plated products such as accessories, bags, belts, school bags, dolls, stationery, sporting goods, official demand goods, and pressed goods such as keyrings, screws, battery parts.
Main banking institution

Mizuho Bank Inarimachi branch,
Tokyo Higashi Shinyo Kinko Iriya branch

Office hours 9:00 to 17:00
Office closed Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays




Our company was first established as a hardware business at the beginning of the Meiji era. Throughout that period, the company also dealt in woven straw products, finally shifting its focus to electroplating.

Beginning of the Meiji era The hardware business opened its first store in KUGIKO (Shitagaya-ku Sakamotocho, Tokyo-fu).
Year 1911 Woven straw products were sold from a store in Shimamura Tamaya (with headquarters in Kasukabe-shi, Minami Saitama-gun), with operations expanded to a branch factory in Iriya (167 Iriya-machi, Shitaya-ku, Tokyo-fu).
May/1915 The Shimamura Tamaya factory was later closed, and the KUGIKO-SHOTEN outlet operations were left to the head clerk. That year, an electroplating facility was constructed at the site of the old branch factory.
September/1923 Operations were heavily impacted during the Great Kanto Earthquake, but restoration was carried out the same year.
October/1927 Our company imported Japan’s first rotary electroplating machine (No. 9357 from the KGC Z-series, for which design documents still exist) from Langbein Inc. We were also successful in inviting an engineer by the name of Köni, with whose assistance we introduced rotary nickel plating and brass plating.
May/1929 With the opening of the Nikko Kaido, we responded to land readjustment by splitting our facilities and relocating to our present location.
March/1933 Kuma Manabe, the company founder, was succeeded by Tetsuo Manabe.
September/1942 Upon Tetsuo Manabe’s retirement, Shoichi Manabe took over as company president.
March/1945 During the Great Tokyo Air Raid, our facilities were reduced to ash.
March/1946 We rebuilt.
February/1953 The company was incorporated.
May/1967 A new facility was constructed, with a heavy steel skeleton and two floors.
November/1971 Pollution reduction devices were introduced, including a wastewater processing facility.
April/1981 Company management was passed from Shoichi Manabe to Kentaro Manabe.
February/1994 The “Dahl” trademark was registered.
May/1995 Trademarks “DB” and “Dahl Black” were registered.
April/2009 A four-story office and working space were constructed.
January/2010 The company was Eco Action 21 certified.
April/2010 Kenichiro Manabe succeeded Kentaro Manabe, becoming our fifth company president.



Our Environmental Efforts

エクアクション21ロゴWe strictly follow environmental laws and regulations and are proactively involved in protecting and recovering the environment through cooperation with the local community. We adopt pollution prevention measures and maintain operations as a safe and environmentally friendly factory. We have the following concrete policies in place;

1) We will take the following actions to care for the environment.

2) We will abide by relevant laws and regulations

3) We will adhere to waste water standards and prevent water pollution

4) We will engage in environmental protection activities and issue public reports

The power source and mechanical apparatus which became the  foundation of our business


In 1927 we imported Japan’s first revolving plating apparatus from Langbeinite company in Germany and acquired plating technology from their engineer Köni. We have since then been developing our technologies for over 100 years.

The picture on the right shows the selenium rectifier (model 1023B, 50~60HZ, input15V~70A, serial number 1115-B24) manufactured by DENGEN-KOGYO LTD.  in April 1946 which we still possess today.

It is considered  only one machines that still exist in working order today.