Our Strengths



Our Strengths

Experience and Technology accumulated over our history of 100 years.Our strength lies in our experience and technology accumulated over our history of 100 years. We have valued tradition but also developed and improved our own unique technologies to meet the demands of changing times through continuous innovation.

The development of our original “Dahl Black®”

As a result, we developed the “Dahl Black®” with its rich black color now used by luxury designer brands for their bags, accessories and pressed products.

Even with the common barrel plating method, we provide the best possible plating to match the product by using our own original equipment and applying our unique know-how. A key feature of our original technology is the Revolving Plating method. This technology is at the core of our business and continues to evolve after decades of development.

Our continuous innovation through the introduction of new technologies to Japan


In 1927, we were the first in Japan to introduce the “Revolving Plating” method from Germany. Back then the hanging method was more common and it was difficult to plate in large volumes, in particular for small sized objects. Under the “Revolving Plating” method, a barrel container is rotated within the chemical solution. This not only requires specialized equipment but also technical know-how such as the ability to achieve the right balance of the solution.

Not only did we learn from the German engineers this technique new to Japan, we also conducted our own research over the years. Our advanced plating technique known as “IRIYA Plating” is built upon this vast accumulation of our research efforts.

From planning to production based on our unique know-how

ur company is known by our customers as “IRIYA Plating”, but we can provide services from planning to production, and plating / coating to final product delivery as a one-stop shop. We can also provide metal surface finishing such as 墨入れ and エポ入れ as well.

We receive plating enquiries from many manufacturing companies

Major apparel manufacturers, bag manufacturers, leather shoes manufacturers, accessory manufacturers and doll manufacturers all come to us with requests for us to provide various products or colors. Please refer to the color samples page for some examples of the colors we can provide.

Our strength lies in the total support we provide from the planning stage.

from Planning to ProductionWe can provide total support from various plating project planning to production, from plating to product delivery. We can support you with our own ideas at the planning stages and work towards enhancing the quality of your finished product.

Of course we accept direct enquiries and orders to simply deliver the finished plated product. Please enquire here.

We have more than 100 colors including our Dahl Black at your disposal. We can also provide all basic metal parts such as “D Ring Metal”, “Square Ring Metal”, “O Ring Metal”, “Buckle”, “Adjester Clip Metal”, “loop clutch”, “Buckle”, “Rivet Botton”, “Tubular Rivet”, “Pyramid Rivet”. We can also produce original parts that require pressing or casting so please enquire.

We accept orders from small batches to large batches.